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In Eurem eigenen Interesse schickt uns keine Emails mit unzähligen Links oder Anhängen – die landen fast alle im Spam Ordner und werden nicht bearbeitet. Bewerbt Euch mit unserem Formular AUFTRITTSANFRAGE Vielen Dank!

Don’t call or send Emails with tons of youtube links and fancy pictures. Use the ASK FOR A CONCERT form for your gig request! THANKS!

Eure Bühne – ready to go
*** Stage Setup ***

Drum Kit – Guitar and Bass Amp – Hammond A 100 – DB Technologies and DAS Audio PA and Monitor – Presonus R32 – Ibach Grandpiano – SM58 Cable and Wireless – Headset – Sennheiser and AUDIX Drum Mikes – 16 AUX

…and a friendly and competent crew who knows what you need!
Get in and play!

Free concerts on Thursday nights, ask for a gig using the Concert request form above.
Live- and studio audio and video recordings upon request.

3D Stage View